Additional Activities

Three Additional Activities will be offered at ISAM 2019 on Wednesday, October 16, 2019 (with each activity requiring pre-registration):

  • ISAM 101 – Design, Build, and Manage a Makerspace
  • ISAM 102 – Making and Innovating at Yale
  • ISAM 103 – Yale Makerspace Tours

ISAM 101 – Design, Build, and Manage a Makerspace
Designed for individuals developing new makerspaces or seeking to deepen their knowledge, this course will help lay a foundation before the ISAM 2019 program. Learn about and discuss different types of spaces, safety policies, staffing models, training practices, and metrics. This course emphasizes fundamental principles of successful makerspaces and proven methods to engage students, form communities, shape culture, increase access, and encourage best practices.

ISAM 102 – Making and Innovating at Yale
Making and Innovating are part of the institutional fabric of Yale University where a collection of centers and programs contributing to the making and innovative culture at Yale. These efforts enhance student learning, contribute to research initiatives and catalyze entrepreneurial activities at Yale. This workshop provides a chance to learn from practitioners from units at Yale that promote making, innovation, entrepreneurship and learning from the following areas: intellectual property, biomedical innovations, creative arts and media, business and the environment, broad-based innovation and entrepreneurship, and business and the environment.

ISAM 103 – Yale Makerspace Tours
Registrants will be transported to a collection of makerspaces on Yale’s campus where they can observe the spaces and visit with the local leaders of Yale’s makerspaces. The visits will cover spaces across Yale’s campus, looking at facilities that support making in the arts, engineering and sciences on Yale’s campus. The tours will start promptly at the Yale Center for Engineering Innovation and Design (15 Prospect St.) and conclude at the ISAM Opening Reception at 6:00 PM (Yale School of Management – Evans Hall – 165 Whitney Ave.)